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Just how much of your bucket list have you experienced? Let's go over this idea seriously now. If you are on this website, then our guess is that you have some curiosity about parachuting. Whatever your reason for this interest might be, it usually begins with the wish to experience an adventure.

Your standard venture is fine, however... Expeditions like hiking or a scenic road trip will pale in contrast. Now, by all means, don't give any of that up. It is our hope for you that you will take this chance to go above and beyond and really feel what it's feels like to live life to the fullest.

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Universal Traits of Parachuting

It's time to take the next step and determine exactly what you want from this skydiving expedition. For every discipline of skydiving, you can anticipate some similarities. We'll start from the ground, up. You are undoubtedly going to be making a predetermined jump from an aircraft just within a range of designated elevations. (There's a chart for that further down on the page.) We'll have you know that you will at no point be by yourself, always with an instructor nearby. Some techniques in the field of parachuting require some experience first. You will have a thrilling time regardless of which you choose. And the memories you'll create on a venture like this will last for the rest of your life.

Accelerated Freefall

One of the more advanced disciplines of parachuting is Accelerated Freefall. Abbreviated as AFF, this form is usually the mental picture that comes up when you visualize skydiving. Different from static line and tandem, AFF is pretty self-explanatory by name. The freefall experienced in AFF applies more prerequisite learning and less guidance than other forms.

The Wonderful World of Static Line Skydiving

Static Line skydiving is simple to explain. This discipline will be a little easier for beginners to pick up. Imagine having a line (one that is fixed to the plane itself) attached to you as you jump. Your safe trip downward is assured by reaching the end of your rope, in a manner of speaking. The fixed line will release, your parachute will open, and you will see the world like you've never seen before! It's a pretty amazing phenomenon!

Parachuting in Tandem

If you are just beginning your exploration in the world of parachuting, Tandem Skydiving is a good place to start. In this discipline, you are harnessed together with an experienced jumpmaster when you jump out of the plane. This means you get to experience freefall without having a lot of training first. Your instructor is with you the entire time so you are free to safely have the thrill of a lifetime.

These People Make it Happen

The hero of your skydiving saga is the Jumpmaster. Jumpmasters are professional, daring people that make this crazy opportunity for you their way of life. And while it's good to know that they are trained in the best practices to keep all future skydivers safe, it's the seemingly unlimited insight from practical application that's reassuring to hear about.

Here's Our Objective

Now, you're probably contemplating the next step. If you're unsure, by all means do more research, we certainly have a lot of advice for you. If you have questions, go ahead and contact us. While we would like for you to pick the second option, we want you to be certain of what Eugene Skydiving is all about. Our highest priority is you and every one of our treasured adventurers. Experience happiness, surprise, wonder, and everything in between and we will do everything in our power to get you there. Eugene Skydiving partners up with the very best professionals out there to create a network of unparalleled drop zones. No matter where or what you're searching for, we have a mission to give you the finest offered service out there. We want your fantastic escapade to be perfect, so you can bet that we only offer highly qualified professional instructors, top of the line equipment, and service with a smile.


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Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


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